• e.g. Growth Of Cities

  • Discover & Monitor Newly Built Areas

    In Queensland, Australia Between 2017 & 2018

  • Trending Humanity's Impact on Earth

    Starting with the Growth of Cities

  • Auto-tracking new building developments in Australia's largest master-planned city


    Copernicus Sentinel satellite data 2016-2018

  • anthropocene labs

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    Where & When

    See change in space & time

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    Your World In Focus

    Discover what matters at any scale

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    Human intuition, AI enhanced

  • How We Work

    Earth Observation + Beneficial AI + Human Ingenuity = Captain Planet


    AI-Indexed Planetary Change

    Using computer vision & deep learning, we continually monitor for planetary changes, i.e. new building developments or land disturbances.


    Curated by Humans

    We check our algorithms' work, add relevant data, and highlight items of interest, nuance, & beauty.


    See Change

    Insights are custom-tailored for communities, researchers, policymakers, storytellers, & explorers like you.


    Make Change

    This part is up to you!

  • Discover & Monitor Planetary Change


    See Change

    We find local-scale planetary changes (like new construction nearby) anywhere on Earth via satellite & drone imagery.


    Know Change

    Insights are made to be explored by communities, researchers, storytellers, & doers like you.


    Make Change

    Discover, explore, act upon, & follow planetary changes that matter to you.

  • What Kind Of Change?

    Study environmental health risks

    Correlate air quality, infectious diseases, etc with other changes in the environment.

    Find extractive mines & dump sites

    Detect new extractive mines or waste dump sites as they appear.

    Track land use changes

    Trend when & where land is being transformed for what purposes.

    Measure sprawl

    Compare where new developments are occurring most or fastest.

    Respond to natural disasters

    Compare affected areas before, during, and after floods, fires, landslides, etc.

    Marvel at Earth in motion

    Create art inspired by the dynamic beauty of our planet.

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  • Full Access

    Get up-to-date planetary change data streaming

    & unlimited exploration of our historical data



    $4 / month / block

    (one block = 400 km2)


    Quarterly time-steps


    High resolution (10m)




    $19 / month / region

    (one region = 2500 km2)


    Monthly time-steps


    High resolution (10m)




    $89 / month / region

    (one region = 2500 km2)


    Weekly time-steps


    Ultra-high resolution (0.5-3m)



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